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Re: F10 Fresh Vanilla Install with Updates Has Broken NetworkManager

> I think yum would be the logical place to handle this, because as the
> problem is described, you could potentially hit it another way.
> Do a clean install of Fedora 10. Then enable the Updates repository but
> not the Everything repository. Try to update. I would expect it will
> fail, because libudev0 won't be available for the NetworkManager update.
> It seems that, the way we handle updates in Fedora, the updates
> repository more or less 'depends' on the Everything repository. This
> should therefore be enforced in yum somehow, in a way that anaconda will
> respect. That should solve the problem in future in all cases.

In anaconda, we just use the /etc/yum.repos.d files that the system (in
this case, the fedora-release package) provides.  If a repo is marked as
enabled=1 in its config file, anaconda will enable the repo by default.

If the Everything repo defaulted to enabled, anaconda would pick this up
and when the user checked the Updates repo, we wouldn't hit this
problem.  Of course, enabling Everything by default might come with its
own set of problems.

Alternatively, we could probably come up with some crazy set of repo
dependencies to handle this.  I'd just like to make sure it's not hard
coded into anaconda.

- Chris

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