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Re: getting rid of gcc34

Glauber Costa wrote:
Hey guys,

Now that we moved qemu to a newer version, that does not depend
on compat-gcc34 anymore, I'm wondering:

Is anyone else using this package? Should we get rid of it?
I don't really see a point in keeping it, despite qemu's crazy
old-times need to compile itself in a museum environment.

Please no, these older versions of gcc are extremely useful to C++ programmers. The differences between one version of gcc to the other often have a significant impact over C++ code compatibility (much more so than for C). I spent a lot of time trying to fix a K-3D build issue related to the C++ boost library unhappy with g++ 4.4. It was very useful to have g++34 available to fall back on a working case.

I actually maintain "compat-gcc-32-c++" here at work and am considering submitting it for review: gcc 3.2 is even more important to C++ programmers as it works with libstdc++.so.5 (while following versions need libstdc++.so.6). Fedora provides 'compat-libstdc++-33' for binaries compatibility, but if you have an old binary library that uses libstdc++.so.5, you can't use it without g++32.

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