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Re: getting rid of gcc34

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Denis Leroy wrote:
Please no, these older versions of gcc are extremely useful to C++
programmers. The differences between one version of gcc to the other
often have a significant impact over C++ code compatibility (much more
so than for C). I spent a lot of time trying to fix a K-3D build issue
related to the C++ boost library unhappy with g++ 4.4. It was very
useful to have g++34 available to fall back on a working case.

What's the status of that? It's one of the remaining broken dependencies in
the F11 beta.

It's a particularly tough C++ compilation issue, I could use some help if anyone is familiar with C++ template meta-programming (Boost MPL). K-3D ships its own version of the Boost GIL library (Image library). It's fairly straightforward to patch the source to use the Boost GIL library we ship with F-11, but unfortunately it doesn't fix the problem.

Looking at the g++ changelog from 4.3 to 4.4, I don't see anything that could explain this problem (code compiles fine with 4.3).


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