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Re: libsyncml

Adam Williamson wrote:

With those packages and a few tweaks (that I've reported to Andreas) I
can get working synchronization out of my Windows Mobile test devices.
I'm not sure if we'll be able to get it into F11 now, though :\

At present, the opensync and synce and syncml related packages in
Rawhide are basically entirely useless, you can't do anything with them.

It seems to me that though the beta freeze is in effect, that it should be rolled back. From my perspective we have

#1 ) Roll opensync back to 0.22
#2 ) Leave opensync where it is...

in the case of #2 - we have essentially a non-working syncing system. Worst case for #1 is exactly the same as #2, best case for #1 - it works again (albeit after some potential issues). To me #1 seems like the best bet at the moment... Granted I say this without an indepth knowledge of everything building against opensync...

But as it goes between selecting a package that is known to not work, is not recommended for use by the developer, and a somewhat known stable version that has the potential to actually work. I'd choose the one with potential. I mean come on, who wants to have their babies eaten by this software? ;)

Nathanael d. Noblet
T: 403.875.4613

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