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Re: libsyncml

Adam Williamson wrote:
> opensync 0.3 is entirely useless. It doesn't work. In the rare cases
> where it might possibly work, it is at least equally likely to eat your
> data (and your babies).

FWIW, in the current state, I also agree that reverting to 0.22 (or removing
libopensync entirely) is the only reasonable course of action (even if it
means we won't be able to ship KitchenSync in an update even if KDE
reenables it, but as the 0.3x API is still not stable, shipping 0.38
wouldn't guarantee that either anyway, and 0.36 definitely not).

Based on what I've seen so far and on your input in this message, I'm
convinced 0.36 is completely useless at this point and 0.38 isn't of much
more use.

> KDE 4, indeed, shipped with a kitchensync that depends on opensync 0.3.
> This is rather irrelevant, however, because what KDE 4 does NOT ship
> with is an opensync plugin allowing you to actually synchronize any data
> with any KDE 4 applications. kitchensync is just a GUI front end for
> opensync, there's no opensync plugin that actually lets you synchronize
> contacts or appointments or tasks with the PIM suite in KDE 4. So you
> can't do any kind of useful synchronization with any KDE 4 apps with any
> version of opensync. Until this is fixed it's not really worth worrying
> about KDE at all.

Actually F10 is shipping a KDE 4 port of libopensync-plugin-kdepim from a
work branch (which may or may not work, I built it and all I know is that
it builds) and since 4.2 there's now an Akonadi syncing plugin (which
requires 0.38 as KitchenSync does and which is also disabled as "not ready"
just like KitchenSync).

Speaking of this, this is one drawback reverting: we won't be able to build
that KDE 4 libopensync-plugin-kdepim anymore. :-( That said, as I wrote
above, I have no idea if it's even working at all right now.

        Kevin Kofler

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