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Re: System Config Tools Cleanup Project - tools to eliminate/replace

On Tuesday 24 March 2009 17:38:40 Colin Walters wrote:

> Also, in my opinion on a well-managed network if you want a fixed IP
> address, the right way to do it is MAC matching on the DHCP server,
> not client configuration.  And NetworkManager works well in such a
> setup.

You're entitled to your opinion, but not everyone wants to have to set up DHCP, 
and not everyone wants to have to go their sysadmin and request configuration 
changes to the corporate DHCP server just to change some piece of configuration 
FOR THEIR LOCAL MACHINE with all the annoyance to the sysadmin, timewasting for 
me, and so on.

It used to be nice and simple; you put the DNS server(s) in /etc/resolv.conf or 
in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/eth0, you got a network connection when the 
system booted.

It's not always correct to remove the DNS settings from /etc/resolv.conf when 
you shut the machine down; I disabled NM on my rawhide test install because I 
could no longer chroot into it from my older system and run "yum" to update (or 
a number of other things) due to "host not found" errors.

NetworkManager may "work" well in some setups; it's just annoying to see it 
touted as a panac├Ža when it plainly isn't handling a lot of nice simple setups 
at all well.

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