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Re: System Config Tools Cleanup Project - tools to eliminate/replace

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
Actually, I feel s-c-network should be revived and NetworkManager be made strictly optional.

I'd actually have to disagree. I *love* NM on my Asus (netbook). It's great for laptops (or other computers that tend to move around and need to deal with "foreign" networks, especially wireless networks), and it's "okay" for desktops. (For one, it handles Verizon CDMA modems out of the box, much better even that on Windoze, which is why I'd much rather use NM when dealing with one of those.) However, it's not yet up-to-snuff (and possibly inferior) for servers or other "complicated" network setups, and it's maybe at "break even" for static setups.

I think we /should/ be pushing NM for "normal" use so it gets exposure and improves, but I agree that s-c-n and the if-scripts toolchains need to be maintained (at least for now) as they are still superior for some situations.

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