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python-paver upgrade

python-paver is a program and library to make building and installing
python modules easy.  We currently have 0.8 in F9, F10, and EPEL.  1.0
is built for rawhide.  0.8 and 1.0 are API incompatible.  I'm going to
update to the 1.0 version in the stable releases after it proves itself
in rawhide due to two things:

1) There's a number of bugs in 0.8 that won't be fixed because 1.x is
where work is being done.
2) It's a mess to try to support both paver-1.0 and paver-0.8 in one
pavement.py file.  My efforts to do so show that it's not possible to
have all the functionality of 1.0 in 0.8.

If any project we're packaging is using paver to build and cannot
upgrade to 1.0, let me know so I can either help with porting the
buildscripts or start the review process on a python-paver0.8 compat


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