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Re: F11: xorg decision to disable Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

Arthur Pemberton wrote:

> That's a simple question to ask myself. And the answer to that is no.

Like I indicated, look beyond yourself a bit. It is silly to suggest
that autoconfiguration doesn't help the majority of users.

> I've never head of this fictional users that have a significant
> probability of having a different monitor connected to their computer
> on every boot. 

This is sort of corner case but even then, I have had to move struggle
in the past to setup things when a new monitor was connected or when I
had to plug my hard disk to someone else's system to copy content.

I am sure, you understand that autoconfiguration isn't designed just for
this particular usage but for the general users who don't want to
configure things manually on a new installation.

> The hostility is in making significant changes to behaviors people
> have come to depend on and not letting them no about it till later on.

Changes are (primarily) being made upstream. Downstream users can
document and communicate changes which we have.


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