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Re: F11: xorg decision to disable Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

Nicolas Mailhot wrote:
Le dimanche 29 mars 2009 à 21:49 +0530, Rahul Sundaram a écrit :

Changes are (primarily) being made upstream. Downstream users can
document and communicate changes which we have.

Sorry, but that is utter bull*. The discussed change was requested by
Ubuntu users. It lived for quite a long time in their distro. Then it
was submitted upstream by Unbuntu people. For better or worse upstream
merged it.

So you had one distribution that listened to its users and pushed a
change they wanted.

At the same time, Fedora upstream devs didn't use their influence to
block the change, didn't try to check what Fedora users wanted, and now
we get the usual "upstream decided, live with it" speach.

And this is not an isolated case. It is consistent with historic Ubuntu
and Fedora behaviour. This is sad. It is not the way to win new Fedora


Ubuntu markets itself as a simpler experience.  Easier for newbies.  And that's the type of user base that they have.  On the other hand, Fedora has catered more to the experienced user and through RedHat the commercial sector.  And it is the commercial sector of Fedora and RedHat that are going to suffer from such a change and Fedora should have recognized this.  For less experienced Ubuntu users this probably is not a problem, because they probably pull the cord everytime they have a problem anyway.    But I have noticed of late, that there are now many complaining in the Ubuntu forums about this change as well.  So Ubuntu didn't exactly listen to its user base either.


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