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Re: F11: xorg decision to disable Ctrl-Alt-Backspace

Anders Rayner-Karlsson wrote:
* Giancarlo Niccolai <gc falconpl org> [20090331 09:54]:
Anders Rayner-Karlsson wrote:
* Rodd Clarkson <rodd clarkson id au> [20090331 03:56]:
On Mon, 2009-03-30 at 10:55 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:
I don't think it is appropriate content for release notes since it isn't
useful to lead users to read a few threads with hundreds of mails in
that context. Fedora release notes is not Fedora Weekly News.
I'm not suggesting that you put all these threads into the release
notes, just a url so that hopefully people will read the discussion
already had (and then hopefully avoid having the same fruitless
convesation again).
You have an excessive amount of faith in people. This discussion will
be had again (and again), probably by mostly the same people, once
it's rolled out in a release. Same arguments, same flames, possibly a
different list.
I rarely step in threads, so forgive me for this once.

Good computing => "least surprise effect".
People coming from windows => ctrl+alt+<fumble>bs "OH CRAP --- I am so XXXX I forgot to save my work files in 15 Word (ops, Openoffice) windows in the past 3 days!!!!" People knowing their systems and just upgrading => x blocked => ctrl+alt+bs ... ctrl+alt+bs... "what the..." ... CTRL+ALT+BS. "OH SHIT -- I got to hard reboot loosing all the work on console sessions and possibly fucking up that crap of XXXX filesystem the installer forced me to use!!!!"

If people truly know their systems, as you suggest they do, your
second scenario will not happen. Switching to a vc is hardly rocket
surgery if you are at all familiar with the system. Trying C-A-Bs and
finding it ineffective, it's not a big step to trying C-A-F[1-6] to
see if you can get a vc. Anyone incapable of something so truly simple
would probably not resort to C-A-Bs in the first instance, but go for
the powerswitch immediately.

it may be educated enough to try it. But it is not like that an X session hang so bad that you have to ctrl-alt-bs it will allow you to CAF1-6 at all, or will let you to do anything meaningful with it (i.e. bash may not be able to get the resources to start). When you HAVE to CABs, it's because you CAN'T CAF1-6.

(There was my two cents, so don't expect me to join in this convo; I just wanted to correct your assumption that you may CAF1-6 away a situation in which you have to CABs, which is wrong, as another poster pointed out).


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