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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

On 04/30/2009 11:21 PM, Arthur Pemberton wrote:

> I think our understand of "prominently" differs. The get-fedora page
> just has a link to the KDE page which is directed at KDE fans.

If you want to give ideas on doing it or help in doing it better, step
up and participate with the websites team. All these were discussed
openly in the mailing lists and I didn't see you participating.

>> I don't see why I shouldn't ask for Xfce and ratpoison
>> as among the choices offered
> I'm not sure the XFCE devs would appreciate you equating their desktop
> environment with a window manager.

Where did I do that? You are just imagining things now.

> It would make more sense for the Fedora Board to just come out and say
> that they don't like anything but Gnome, and would prefer not to have
> any resources go towards anything but Gnome. Because having
> maintainers almost beg for a more equal access to potential users is
> really kind of sad.

Fedora Board cannot direct developers to do anything like that but the
ground reality is that, there is much more resources in Fedora going
into GNOME than any other desktop environment and that is not going to
change anytime soon.  Red Hat employs a lot more GNOME developers than
on the KDE side and that development is reflected in Fedora as well

KDE community in Fedora is very good but there is not enough volunteers
in the Fedora community to keep pace with the new developments. You can
see the effect of that everywhere.  One example: KDE continues to
include nm-applet for several releases now because the KDE equivalent is
completely broken and has been for quite sometime. Not having a default
desktop is not going to help fix such issues. Less fanboyism and more
actual participation, please.


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