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Re: Help with requires

Neal Becker wrote:
> I'm having problems with igraph and python-igraph.
> igraph builds igraph-devel
> python-igraph needs igraph-devel.
> I'm assuming python-igraph needs the same version of igraph.
> How should this be encoded?
> Right now, I have
> -------- igraph.spec
> %package devel
> Provides: %{name}-devel-%{version}

You shouldn't need to explicitly do this, this comes automatically.

> -------- python-igraph.spec
> BuildRequires:	igraph-devel = %{version}

This would require igraph-devel at the same version of python-igraph;
that doesn't sound right to me since I guess these are separately
released packages from uptream?  (though they seem to have the same
version in cvs...)

> Is this correct?

Doesn't seem quite correct to me.

I'd drop the devel package Provides from the igraph spec (you should see
that it still provides this anyway), and drop the version from the
python-igraph BuildRequires unless these things really are in lockstep
version release upstream, though that sounds odd since they seem to be
two separate projects?

If there -is- some minimum version for the build requires, you can hard
code that in there.  (BuildRequires: igraph-devel >= 0.5.2 or whatever)


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