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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> If you want to give ideas on doing it or help in doing it better, step
> up and participate with the websites team.

Just listing the desktop live images next to each other like the old
download page did is the right way to do it.

The old download page was better, the new one is a typical case of "fixing"
something which was not broken. The only thing the old page was missing was
clearly stating that the "Desktop Live" image is GNOME. That still didn't
get fixed properly. (The word "GNOME" now at least shows up in the
description, but it ought to be in the name, or at least in parentheses
next to the name.)

> All these were discussed openly in the mailing lists and I didn't see you
> participating.

I did participate, raising mostly the same issues Arthur is raising. I got

>>> I don't see why I shouldn't ask for Xfce and ratpoison
>>> as among the choices offered
>> I'm not sure the XFCE devs would appreciate you equating their desktop
>> environment with a window manager.
> Where did I do that?

"Xfce and ratpoison"

> KDE community in Fedora is very good but there is not enough volunteers
> in the Fedora community to keep pace with the new developments. You can
> see the effect of that everywhere.  One example: KDE continues to
> include nm-applet for several releases now because the KDE equivalent is
> completely broken and has been for quite sometime. Not having a default
> desktop is not going to help fix such issues. Less fanboyism and more
> actual participation, please.

Quite the opposite, hiding KDE as much as you can get away with is not going
to help fix such issues. Don't you realize how GNOME bias is deterring KDE
people from contributing to (and even using) Fedora? Feature it as
prominently as GNOME and we'll get more people interested in KDE showing up
to contribute. The more visible KDE is, the more people interested in KDE
we will attract.

        Kevin Kofler

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