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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Lennart Poettering wrote:
> People join a project voluntarily only after they decided they love
> the software and know it very well.  If someone reached that level he
> is far beyond the point where the option that something gets installed
> by default or not would hold him back.

It's not that installing KDE on Fedora is hard for those people, it's all
about the impression they get, including:
* how KDE is treated in marketing compared to GNOME and
* how easy it will be for end users to install the fruits of their work.

Treating KDE as a second-class citizen isn't going to motivate anybody who
likes developing KDE, for KDE or with KDE to participate, even if the
actual hassle is minimal for those potential contributors.

> It's naive to believe that just by installing something by default
> you coul attract developers to it and get all outstanding issues get
> fixed miraculously.

The proposal isn't to make KDE the default, it's to make it an option
presented directly below GNOME on the web page (as it used to be) and
easily selectable in the DVD installer (with a radiobutton, as in most
other DVD-sized distributions), and to not name the GNOME live spin in a
misleading way which implies to a naïve user that GNOME is the only
existing desktop.

        Kevin Kofler

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