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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Hi Kevin,

Kevin Kofler wrote:
The idea is that by selecting GNOME, you'd get GNOME apps as the default
apps (of course, there's still the question whether to use OO.o and Mozilla
apps or the official GNOME defaults, but that's already subject for debates
right now, and both the current DVD defaults of OO.o + Firefox + Evolution
and the current live CD defaults of Abiword + Firefox + Evolution are a mix
of that), by selecting KDE, you'd get KDE apps (KOffice, kdepim, Konqueror)
as the default.

I think you've slightly misunderstood my point. The apps and selections are not really an issue. My point is that if there is a case for presenting users with download options to fine-tune the initial set of software to be installed, it seems that there are more important software choices to present than between desktops - browser, office suite, e-mail client, etc. If you're using a desktop you're likely to be spending much more time in those apps than the "desktop".

Choice of DE seems to me relatively unimportant compared to the choice of productivity apps present on the system, and I don't see why the DE should be promoted to a special status for what seem to be essentially political reasons rather than technical ones. Even if you accept that the choice is useful, I don't see why you'd start with the DE.



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