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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

On 05/03/2009 10:34 AM, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

>> Anyone interested can look at the desktop focused features in the
>> feature list for every release and results should speak for themselves.
>> Those who shoulder the burden of the work decide the direction of the
>> project as always.
> Yes. As part of upstream projects, not as part of Fedora.

For one, the feature list is a Fedora specific workflow and regardless
of whether it is distribution integration or upstream development, the
principle, that drives development remains the same.

> What currently is happening: Certain people on RH's payrole, who happen
> to be upstream for some packages, are abusing Fedora as vehicle to
> prematurely push "upstream works", sometimes at "any price".

FESCo processes the feature list the same way regardless of who is
driving it and that is a elected body. Getting paid to work on free and
open source software is a awesome thing. Early integration of upstream
features is what I consider the unique factor of Fedora and it's stated

> I am sure, if the same people weren't working for @RH and if these
> projects weren't in "RH's business interest", many of these developments
> would not make it into Fedora or at least not in the shape the Fedora
> community is facing them.

I consider Red Hat's participation in Fedora as a net advantage. Maybe
you don't. I can't help that.


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