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Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 20090424

William Jon McCann wrote:

On Sun, May 3, 2009 at 12:56 PM, Callum Lerwick <seg haxxed com> wrote:

As it is, the people in the trenches doing QA and user support have way
more convincing data than the desktop team.

Designing HCI without Humans in the loop is bogus beyond belief.

I think you are conflating user experience design with usability.  Our
user experience design and interface design takes place very early in
the Fedora development cycle.  It is primarily informed by our
experiences, research, and vision.  Currently, the user testing is
done primarily after a Fedora release.
IMNSHO, this is a serious defect of the development process.
Your remark also explains a lot of the (IMNSHO) silly decisions and regressions Fedora desktop users are being confronted with. Simply deviate a "mu" from the desktop team developers' use-cases/hw/setup and you are likely to get stuck somewhere.

It would be great if we organized something similar.
You already have an essential component of it: It's called user feedback. It's up to those in charge to take it into account or to ignoring it. I regret having to say so, but I feel the latter is what is happening to a wide extend.

A word of
caution though - this is hard to do correctly.
Right, but it's pretty easy to identify errors and regressions.
The problem is developers to draw consequences from them.

It is quite easy to
collect misleading and confusing data.  The exact process of the
testing matters a great deal.  FWIW, I'm hoping to do something like
this in the next few months.
Glad to hear this. To me, it's very apparent that much of recent years' RH/GNOME desktop works have hardly seen much usability testing before pushing them into Fedora.


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