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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Jesse Keating wrote:
On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 18:03 +0000, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
So does a *DE SIG that emerges have to follow upstream to the letter
to be allowed to be called Fedora-<insert DE name here>?

No, but the people behind the spin / SIG should agree with each other on
these things.

So actually you can call the current "Fedora-Desktop" Fedora-Gnome interesting turnaround.

Can a Gnome SIG be created to act as Gnome representatives within the Fedora project and it's spin thus gets named Fedora-Gnome which may or may not differ from the current desktop spin?

If there was a motivated team of people, sure, they could create a Gnome
spin.  They'd have to go through the spin SIG and get all the approval
levels.  Depending on how much difference there would be between the
gnome spin and the desktop spin, we may choose to not produce/distribute
their spin as part of a Fedora release though.

In other words should Gnome SIG emerge it's a 50% chance that we don't ship it since
we already have a Gnome Spin which we call Fedora-Desktop....

What are the criteria that other DE's need to meet to be allowed to be the "default" or "Fedora-Desktop"?

We only have one default, one Fedora Desktop spin.  We aren't going to
have multiple.

I'm suggesting that we have no default and no "Fedora Desktop" spin
(  Current  Fedora-Desktop would be renamed to Fedora-Gnome to allow
all DE to compete among them self on equal ground )

Which begs another question how do we handle if more then one DE can and will meet that criteria?

I don't think we can have that scenario.  The Desktop sig creates the
Desktop spin, and its that spin that the Fedora project puts forward as
it's default spin.

Is the current Desktop SIG made up by representatives from each of the *DE's which then can make neutral informed decision what the current status is amongst all the DE and thus choose
what should be Fedora ( next ) Desktop...


Is the Desktop SIG governed by single DE oriented persons and or is made up
by majority of individual that work for the same company that can thus influence the decision either directly or indirectly on what
is and will be Fedora's Desktop?

fn:Johann B. Gudmundsson
n:Gudmundsson;Johann B.
org:Reiknistofnun - University of Iceland;IT Management
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title:Unix System Engineer RHCE,CCSA

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