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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting Recap - 2009-05-04

== Preview Release ==

Known issues:

    * PPC had a variety of issues
          o oversized
          o installed the wrong kernel
          o failed to install a bootloader 
    * assorted anaconda partitioning issues 

Discussed maybe using a separate config for PPC to keep it under size
constraints, but it was decided to stay with one config.

== Deltarpm for F11 ==

Work needs done to either compose updates in a chroot (which has the F11
deltarpm support) or to backport it to the OS release used to generate
updates. Seth Vidal is going to investigate which of these makes more sense.
Given the timeframe, this is tight for F11 final. rawhide will continue to
have deltas, as that's a separate compose process.

== F12 schedule ==

The schedule proposed by John Poelstra for Fedora 12 in
https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/1271 was reviewed. The following
changes were approved:

    * the alpha milestone was removed entirely
    * due to conferences such as the Red Hat Summit, LinuxCon, and Linux
      Plumber's Conference, each milestone from 'Final freeze: development'
      (2009-09-15) should be shifted out one week. 

This pushes GA from 2009-10-27 to 2009-11-03. The schedule will be presented
for FESCo discussion at the 2009-05-08 meeting. 

For more information on any of these, see the full transcript at:

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