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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Josh Boyer wrote:
> Can you take this, write up a more specific proposal, and either send
> it here or to FESCo?
> I don't want to guess on what you mean by "equally-placed" or "easy"
> because personally I already think things are placed evenly and
> easily accessed.  The only difference IMO is that KDE is actually
> called KDE.

Well, it has already been mentioned a few times in this thread, but it boils
down to 3 things:
1. Call a spade a spade, or rather call the GNOME Desktop spin the GNOME
Desktop spin.
2. Place the KDE Desktop spin directly below the GNOME Desktop spin on the
get-fedora page instead of hiding it behind an extra click.
3. Add a radiobutton allowing the selection of at least GNOME and KDE to the
DVD installer and make sure the resulting package selection is sane (might
need comps tweaks and minimal tweaks to Anaconda's comps handling as well).

Of course, at least parts of these changes can be done for F12 at the
earliest, I'm well aware of that, I'm NOT asking for it to be done for the
F11 release.

        Kevin Kofler

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