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Re: Note on man pages

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Debian has a policy that all the commands should have man pages as part
of their review process. Unfortunately they don't seem to be sending it
upstream. If you are a package maintainer for some application, that is
missing a man page, it might be a good to look into the Debian sources
for man page patches, add them to your package and send it upstream as
well. Note that upstream might require you to clean up the man page in
the process.

Well, there are many upstreams rejecting Debian's patches outright, saying
manpages are obsolete and redundant with any of:
* info documentation (those are mostly the GNU projects),
* HTML/docbook/GUI documentation (that has long been KDE's position, but
recently they have started merging manpages from Debian),
* plaintext documentation or
* --help or other usage output.

Why does this discussion sound so familiar? [1]


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