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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
> Sorry I went a little far with my rhetoric. Could you help me on
> where this would make more sense for the user to make such a choice?
> That way I can look to see what an out of band patch might look like?

For the installer part? (The web page part doesn't really need a patch...)

1. Before the package selection, present a screen like this:
The wording there leaves much to be desired, and of course there wouldn't be
a KDE 3.5 option in Fedora. But it's the general idea.

2. Change the files presented by the package selection so e.g. "Internet
applications" will default to KDE packages rather than GNOME ones if KDE is
selected. I can see 2 possible ways to implement this:
a. have separate comps-f12-gnome.xml.in and comps-f12-kde.xml.in or
b. extend the type (e.g. type="default") attribute of the packagereq tag in
comps so it can be something like: type="optional" type-gnome="default",
type="optional" type-kde="default", type="default" type-kde="optional" etc.
I like option b. better as it avoids redundancy and eases maintenance (most
stuff will be optional either way).

        Kevin Kofler

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