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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Stephen John Smoogen wrote:
Sorry I went a little far with my rhetoric. Could you help me on
where this would make more sense for the user to make such a choice?
That way I can look to see what an out of band patch might look like?

For the installer part? (The web page part doesn't really need a patch...)

1. Before the package selection, present a screen like this:
The wording there leaves much to be desired, and of course there wouldn't be
a KDE 3.5 option in Fedora. But it's the general idea.

The above selection screen in the is something like I had in mind

I did file a bug against Anaconda a while back ( #493302 ) where I asked for the ability to select XFCE, LXDE in the "Desktop Environment" section in Anaconda
and it got closed as a NOTABUG.

In the Desktop option there should be at least 5 options as I see it

SUGAR ( Let's not forget Sugar )

With regards to http://fedoraproject.org/en/get-fedora

There also should be offered 5 Desktop options

Fedora $Release Desktop Gnome
Fedora $Release Desktop KDE
Fedora $Release Desktop LXDE
Fedora $Release Desktop Sugar
Fedora $Release Desktop XFCE

Each DE section should contain brief description of the DE along
with a link like "Explorer" which would take the end user to http://fedorarpoject.org/wiki/Desktop/$DE ( Which contains screenshoots etc.. ) along with another link like "Try It x86" and "Try It 64bit"
which the end user could click and he would download the live CD.

But these are just implementation idea's first we need to reach consciousness that there is not one DESKTOP to rule them all..

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