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Re: Fedora Release Engineering Meeting Recap - 2009-05-04

Jesse Keating said the following on 05/06/2009 08:56 AM Pacific Time:
On Wed, 2009-05-06 at 05:45 -0700, John Poelstra wrote:
Reading the IRC log am I correct in understanding that a more detailed
summary is:
  "Remove all alpha release tasks from the schedule.
   There will be no alpha release because it does not
   provide enough value for the effort required to create
   it.  There is little public testing value from it

Not fully known yet.  Basically because 12 is such a short cycle, I was
looking for ways to maximize uninterrupted development time.  The best

The overall Fedora 12 schedule with a GA date of 2009-11-03 is 21 days shorter than Fedora 11 and exactly the same length as Fedora 8 so it is not unusually short.

way I could do that was to drop the Alpha cycle.  While already a
non-blocking freeze, it still drew too much attention away from ongoing
development in order to deliver something that was weeks old and already
irrelevant.  The alpha has had dubious quality to the development cycle,
at least from the developer and tester POV.  About the only thing of
quality it provided was a "known good starting point" for which to
install and then update to rawhide, and even that hasn't been true for
large swaths of folks in recent releases.

I'd be curious to see our torrent and download numbers for the F11 Alpha to understand how insignificant it was. Where can we find them?

Although it is simple to just "not do the Alpha" it will take more coordination across the other Fedora teams AND good messaging in the press and wider world that no alpha is coming for Fedora 12 along with the reasons why. Have we considered the cost of this trade-off to our brand and community?

1) What dates are we proposing for releasing "development snapshots"
before the beta?  We should put these on the schedule now.

I honestly hadn't planned on doing regular snapshots during this period.
Instead I was hoping for some test-days to drive the need for live
images and/or full media images for a particular test target.  For
people looking for a good "jumping off" point, they can install the GA
of F11 and yum update to rawhide.

No snapshots at all or just not before Beta? Here was the original draft which I can change to reflect the "no alpha" scenario if it goes forward:

If we plan to push out final freeze and corresponding GA by one week are we proposing to start the beta a week later too? Or have one week longer between public beta release and final freeze?


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