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Fedora-ARM: Koji builds and Contributions


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Sent: 06 May 2009 18:21
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Subject: [fedora-arm] Koji builds and Contributions

As mentioned earlier a lot of koji build activity can be seen at the ARM koji server. (http://arm.koji.fedoraproject.org/koji) The goal is to be as close to the Fedora releases as possible. And F-11 is the upcoming release. 

The set of supported packages is growing. Although we'll try to make sure that the Fedora repositories just build with ARM out of the box, as packages move forward there will be few breakages. Any contributions for this effort are welcome.

Currently, the following types of builds are taking place:
* Packages are being "shadowed" (using koji-shadow) from dist-f11 upstream
* New packages are being built for dist-f10
* New versions are being built for dist-f10-updates

As we go through these build iterations, quite a few builds will fail. The failure could be a genuine failure requiring a patch, or a failure because of build ordering. The failed tasks can be looked at from the koji interface.

Feel free to send out patches to fedora-arm redhat com and then to respective package maintainers for fixing build failures. You could also help in analyzing or fixing build ordering related issues with your Fedora koji accounts.


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