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removing KDE removes NetworkManager-gnome??

  I ran the following command this morning:

sudo yum --disableplugin=remove-with-leaves groupremove "KDE (K Desktop Environment)"

I added the remove-with-leaves because when I ran it with that it was removing all sorts of stand alone programs like mysql-server and other stuff completely unrelated to kde... In any case, the command above produced the following list of packages to remove...

 NetworkManager-gnome                   1:0.7.1-1.fc10           1.1 M
 amarok                                 2.0.2-6.fc10              17 M
 digikam                                0.10.0-1.fc10             24 M
 gstreamer-ffmpeg                       0.10.5-1.fc10            384 k
 gstreamer-plugins-ugly                 0.10.10-2.fc10           746 k
 guidance-power-manager                 4.2.0-1.fc10             448 k
 k3b-extras-freeworld                   1.0.5-4.fc10             174 k
 kaffeine                               0.8.7-3.fc10             6.0 M
 kde-settings-pulseaudio                4.1-6.20090206svn.fc10    0.0
 kdeaccessibility                       1:4.2.2-1.fc10           8.3 M
 kdeartwork                             4.2.2-3.fc10             1.1 M
 kdebase                                6:4.2.2-3.fc10            13 M
 kdebase-workspace                      4.2.2-5.fc10              26 M
 kdegames                               6:4.2.2-6.fc10            55 M
 kdegraphics                            7:4.2.2-5.fc10           6.6 M
 kdelibs                                6:4.2.2-12.fc10           44 M
 kdemultimedia                          6:4.2.2-2.fc10           3.9 M
 kdenetwork                             7:4.2.2-1.fc10            17 M
 kdepim                                 6:4.2.2-3.fc10            24 M
 kdeplasma-addons                       4.2.2-2.fc10             7.5 M
 kdeutils                               6:4.2.2-2.fc10           6.3 M
 kftpgrabber                            0.8.1-6.fc9              2.8 M
 kipi-plugins                           0.2.0-2.fc10              15 M
 konq-plugins                           4.2.2-1.fc10             4.8 M
 konversation                           1.1-1.fc10                11 M
 kpackagekit                            0.3.1-9.fc10             625 k
 ksshaskpass                            0.5.1-3.fc10              32 k
 ktorrent                               3.2.1-1.fc10              11 M
 libtunepimp-extras-freeworld           0.5.3-5.fc10             293 k
 pinentry-qt                            0.7.4-5.fc9              147 k
 scim-bridge-qt                         0.4.15-8.fc10            112 k
 scim-qtimm                             0.9.4-11.fc10            194 k
 scribus                                1.3.5-0.12.beta.fc10      48 M
 xine-lib-extras-freeworld              914 k
 zenity                                 2.24.1-1.fc10            3.2 M
Removing for dependencies:
 PyKDE4                                 4.2.2-2.fc10              21 M
 digikam-libs                           0.10.0-1.fc10            3.9 M
 gedit                                  1:2.24.3-3.fc10           12 M
 kaffeine-libs                          0.8.7-3.fc10             104 k
 kdebase-libs                           6:4.2.2-3.fc10           755 k
 kdebase-runtime                        4.2.2-4.fc10              11 M
 kdebase-runtime-libs                   4.2.2-4.fc10             3.7 M
 kdebase-workspace-libs                 4.2.2-5.fc10             2.0 M
 kdeedu-marble                          4.2.2-1.fc10              28 M
 kdegames-libs                          6:4.2.2-6.fc10           3.6 M
 kdegraphics-libs                       7:4.2.2-5.fc10           2.4 M
 kdemultimedia-libs                     6:4.2.2-2.fc10           867 k
 kdenetwork-libs                        7:4.2.2-1.fc10           5.3 M
 kdepim-libs                            6:4.2.2-3.fc10            22 M
 kdepimlibs                             4.2.2-3.fc10             5.7 M
 kdepimlibs-akonadi                     4.2.2-3.fc10             962 k
 kdeutils-printer-applet                6:4.2.2-2.fc10           102 k
 kdm                                    4.2.2-5.fc10             2.9 M
 kio_msits                              7:4.2.2-5.fc10            24 k
 kio_sysinfo                            20090216-2.fc10          473 k

Why are gedit, NetworkManager-gnome, gstreamer-ffmpeg and gstreamer-plugins-ugly being removed? Is this a bug?

Nathanael d. Noblet
T: 403.875.4613

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