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Re: 182 pending F11 stable updates. WTF?

On 05/07/2009 10:47 AM, Toshio Kuratomi wrote:
Michael DeHaan wrote:
Jesse Keating wrote:
How is it we have 182 stable updates pending for F11 already?  How have
these seen any testing by a wider audience?  Are we really just not
bothering with updates-testing anymore?  Do we not care about distro

I know that many of these are newpackages, but many aren't though.

My experience is that most commercial users do not bother with logging
into Bhodi or even know it exists.

Another problem is that EPEL doesn't /yet/ use bhodi, so it has a
different workflow -- meaning EPEL-testing doesn't really test anything,
it means "rolls every 30-40 days", and that's about it.
So testing has to happen manually, Fedora is the minority use case.

Having a way to vote/comment without FAS would probably be enormously
helpful in getting more users to use the system, once EPEL uses the same

You haven't needed a FAS account to leave a comment in bodhi for a long
time... possibly from the get-go.  Look at a potential update in bodhi
without logging in.  There's an add comment link that asks you for an
email address, comment, and a captcha to fill in.  (Although I have
found in testing just now that anonymous commenting is currently
broken... have to find out from lmacken what's going on there.)

That still won't make users go and leave comments in the updates system. Once they get an update that works, my experience is they are no longer interested in the "process" that follows or continues.

What would be nice is an integration to the bodhi comments/karma system from bugzilla. The users already use bugzilla and read that throughout the process of solving a problem. Having them go to an entirely different site to leave a comment that says, "works for me" is sort of annoying from a user's point of view. If we could make that easier for them, maybe we'd see more automatic updates pushing.

Or perhaps a yum plugin or packagekit thing that makes it easier for users to report that a particular update worked for them.

David Cantrell <dcantrell redhat com>
Red Hat / Honolulu, HI

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