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Re: 182 pending F11 stable updates. WTF?

On Thu, 2009-05-07 at 22:09 +0100, Richard W.M. Jones wrote:
> On Thu, May 07, 2009 at 10:41:37AM -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
> > How is it we have 182 stable updates pending for F11 already?  How have
> > these seen any testing by a wider audience?  Are we really just not
> > bothering with updates-testing anymore?  Do we not care about distro
> > stability?
> I'll tell you the three reasons I'm pushing stuff directly to stable:
> (1) New package.
> (2) Update to a new package that I know not many people are using.

This (2) is something we should try and figure out, IMHO. Trying to
apply the same rules and guidelines to 8k+ packages doesn't work.

There is a large set of packages which always should spend some time in
updates-testing, but there's an even larger set of packages which it
probably doesn't help at all. The same goes for the pre-GA development


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