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Re: f12 boost-1.39.0 upgrade: pushed

I've tried rebuilding my packages on the devel branch. But one of them failed, I wonder if I should do anything to solve it:
(yum is unable to resolve dependency on boost libraries!)


Benjamin Kosnik <bkoz redhat com> wrote on ‫جمعه ۰۸ مه ۰۹، ۰۷:۵۵:۵۰‬:
The boost maintainers have updated the boost package
to the current release (1.39.0) in rawhide for F12. 

Rebuilds for devel packages that require boost are mandatory, as SONAME
was bumped. In addition, BuildRequires for boost packages may now be
specified with finer granularity.

Help from other package maintainerswith rebuilding is appreciated.


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