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Re: Another update, another reboot, no sound!

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 1:34 AM, Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com> wrote:
> The problem is that it used to work _only_ via my USB headphones,
> but not anymore...

Sounds like you've got more than one output device.

Which device is Skype (when set to "pulse") sending its output to?
When you do a testcall, you can pull up pavucontrol (Pulseaudio Volume
Control, I believe it's under Sound & Video in the Applications menu
in F11) and go to Output.  Right-click on the Skype application, and
make sure it outputs to the right device.

I switch between laptop speakers and a USB soundcard built into my
dock, and Pulse wasn't that good at remember which played out of
which.  When out of dock, apps would still be trying to use the USB
output, and I couldn't hear them until I manually moved them back to
my laptop's soundcard.

Now if this (proper output device) isn't the problem, then I'm truly
out of ideas.  But you sound like you've probably already considered

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