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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

Dennis Björklund wrote:
mounted via an entry in fstab, not gio/gvfs... Files opened over the
network are opened read-only no matter what mount options I give.
It is enabled... Disabling it doesn't change the behaviour. I can
create/save a file, but I can't open it and save it.

This problem is most likely caused by the samba server. New linux kernels
(2.6.25+) can't properly talk to old (buggy) samba servers.

However, kernel 2.6.28 and later has a workaround with a new mount
parameter (nodfs) that will make it work again.

Kernel 2.6.29 is almost here for F10 I believe.

Hmm even crappier then... the samba server is CentOS 5... or are you saying that with 2.6.29 on F10, if I mount with nodfs it should work?

If that is the case, then 2.6.29 doesn't fix it. I added nodfs to my mount point on a F10 machine with the updates-testing 2.6.29 kernel. OO behaves even more oddly, opening it I can't see the document at all. It says read-only as well.

If I were to grab a newer samba and mock build it for EPEL 5... and that build succeeded, should that fix the issue then? (CentOS being at 3.0.33, and F10 at 3.2.11) ?

Nathanael d. Noblet
T: 403.875.4613

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