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Re: 182 pending F11 stable updates. WTF?

Adam Williamson wrote:
On Sat, 2009-05-09 at 03:00 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:

There is no reason to delay the F10 update.  Trying to avoid NVR
breakage is a lost cause, it'll be broken between F10 updates and F11 GA
almost immediately.
They are only broken, because your practices force them to be broken.

This is a defect of your approach to preparing Fedora releases.

Please explain how Jesse could possibly build the release discs such
that it would ever work to upgrade from F10+updates to F11 GA.
I did so on many occastion (last time previous mails within this thread)

This has
nothing to do with the release prep process, but how we version update
packages (we version them in such a way that an update shipped for
Fedora N-1 can often become versioned higher than the version of that
package in Fedora N release repos, and that's not a problem you can ever
'fix' in the ISO generation process).

The trick would be to decouple "DVD-preparations" from "F11-release".

One way to achieve this would be rel-eng to start with a copy/snapshot of rawhide, but to let F11-release "roll on", e.g. by spawning "F11-updates".

When encountering issues with their set of packages, they would have to try fixing their issues by adding packages from "updates" to their set of packages.


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