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Re: Abandon "Default Desktop"

I find it disturbing reading some of these arguments about simply
allowing one environment to have equal footing with another!  You
would think people are trying to *replace* GNOME with KDE.

It is a shame that GNOME advocates are fighting tooth and nail to try
and desperately keep their dying desktop alive.

It should be very clear within the coming years that KDE is by far the
superior desktop.  KDE advocates should not stress too much over it
now.  In a couple more years I suspect most distributions will be
forced to switch to KDE because GNOME is basically moving in the wrong
direction and is falling way too far behind.  You might disagree with
this statement, but you are simply just burying your head in the sand
if you do.

I think the real hidden underlying argument is what does a RHEL user
want, and I think the RedHat people feel that a typical RHEL user is
not a power desktop user and would be more comfortable with GNOME, so
therefore the RedHat team will fight the community tooth and nail to
keep their simplistic desktop no matter how much the Fedora community
wants KDE.

The RedHat GNOME advocates do not even want KDE to be on equal footing
with GNOME because they already fear KDE's growing popularity.
Unfortunately for them, in a few more years they wont have much choice
because by that time their RHEL customers will be demanding KDE.

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