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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

On Sun, May 10, 2009 at 10:58 AM, Mail Lists <lists sapience com> wrote:
On 05/10/2009 06:53 AM, Martin Ebourne wrote:
>\ .. anyone who wants
> to stay on the previous release probably wants a bit more stability in
> their lives.
> Cheers,
> Martin

  While some of your goals are reasonable, please don't confuse
stability of one pretty well tested application on F10 (or possible
instability) with the as yet not known to be as stable entire F11

  Stability is the convolution of all the parts - a 'bit more
stability' of F10 over F11 is a bit premature a statement at this
juncture in my view.

Fedora 11 isn't even released yet, so does that mean that we will see OpenOffice.org 3.1 in Fedora 11? I for one would love to have OOo 3.1 in Fedora 11 just because of the anti aliasing alone. Another benefit is the RTL fixes. Also, grammer checking infrastructure in OOo 3.1 is improved and extended. Granted, afaik nobody has packaged up and hooked up a grammer checking module for it to use, but still....

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