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Re: FESco meeting summary for 20090507

Jon Stanley wrote:
> Moreover, with the new architecture support feature in F11, we're now
> supposedly defaulting to an x86_64 kernel on an i686 install if the
> processor supports it (note that I say supposedly because I've not
> personally tested it).  Thus you have an x86_64 kernel, and all of the
> goodness that brings, but you still have an i686 userspace.

As explained on the relevant feature page, this hasn't actually been

> Also, keep in mind that while x86_64 hardware is quite common in the
> US and Western Europe (perhaps to a lesser extent there than the US,
> even)

Uh, you can't really buy a 32-bit machine other than a netbook here in
Western Europe anymore either.

Of course, some old 32-bit-only computers are still in use (like the one I'm
typing this message on), but I don't think those are significantly more or
less common here than in the US.

        Kevin Kofler

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