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Re: Note on man pages

On 05/11/2009 04:22 AM, Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) wrote:

> And, while I more think about it, can me in Guidelines directly refer to
> the foreign project like Debian or anything else? And can we in
> guidelines oblige copy it f.e. from Debian, but do not require
> maintainer write it from scratch if it absent??

Sure. It can be worded something like:

"If additional useful patches exist in other distribution packages (ex:
man pages in Debian), the package maintainer should evaluate them
carefully, add those that are suitable and send them to the
upstream project] as well, It is highly recommended that the package
maintainers consider writing a man page, especially for command line
applications where good documentation is missing in the upstream
project, It might be useful to talk to the upstream projects first and
check whether they are willing to accept man pages or other forms of
documentation as patches"


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