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Re: Update -> b0rken eclipse

On Sun, 2009-05-10 at 00:20 -0400, Andrew Overholt wrote:
> > But meanwhile I tried using the Native version (which didn't work
> right
> We don't ship gcj .so files anymore and haven't for a while so it's
> not really "the Native version" :)  Unless you mean "the packaged
> version".

OK, "the packaged version" than it is :) It's hard to tell if there
are .so files or not...

> > until recently), and after some pain (the Software Updates...
> feature > is just horrible!) I managed to get WTP (Web Tools Project
> installed) > and make it usable.
> How is the Update Manager any better in upstream's version?  We do not
> differ at all.

You are right, it's not different -- it was just a small rant that was
out of context. Eclipse is an amazing application, and it sets a very
high bar, but that particular part is very poorly though out from a
usability perspective. To add insult to injury, it might be worse with
the packaged version due to the fact that some components are fixed.
But that's conjecture, all I know it's been painful. I'll detail why in
a different message.

Dimi Paun <dimi lattica com>
Lattica, Inc.

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