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Re: Build problems?

Michael Schwendt wrote:
On Mon, 11 May 2009 17:49:46 +0200, Ralf wrote:

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Michael Schwendt wrote:
Just to acknowledge that this is not only theory, it has happened before
I know, I'm also speaking from experience there. A few made it through to
stable (*cough* rkward *cough* Qt 4.5 *cough* and I think there were a
couple more Qt 4.5 builds which slipped through too early), I managed to
intercept a few others before chaos happened.
Then you're more lucky then I am. I am trying to push a chain of packages updates/upgrades, but I am stuck in a cobweb of broken, inconsistent repos and mock setups, which allows me to push untested packages, but doesn't allow me to build them locally.

What exactly is the problem?

It's all f*cked up:

* Fedora's default mock configurations don't reflect reality:
- They don't know anything about fc12 (n/a)
- FC10's mock builds i386 rpms instead of i586 for Fc11-
- mock doesn't handle rpm's md5/sha256 check-sums correctly (All versions).

* koji/bodji allow building fc11 and fc12 packages

=> I am able to build and push packages into fc11 and fc12, I an mot able to build locally, using packages of unknown origin.

Do you need buildroot overrides as done by releng?
That's a rel-eng's centric view.

My view: rel-reg shouled finally finally start using the infrastructure they dictated to contributors. I have fc11 packages pending, I marked as stable => they should release them and let "build overrides" die.

Whether as "updates" or as "build-overides" is irrelevant.

Have you activated any already?
Buildroot overrides? No, because
a) I am actively boycotting them.
b) these updates are non critical.

Can you build your updates in koji?
Yes, some of them even have been pushed and are in FC9/Fc10 and FC12, but not in FC11!

(you can even submit src.rpm
to koji as scratch-builds)

How about opening a new thread about such problems?
No, I feel sufficiently peed, I am not interested and do not have any time left to waste on this matter, but prefer users and rel-eng to experience the consequences of the brokenness of Fedora's work-flow, themselves - These issues are one cause of the flood of (low quality) updates users will be facing very short after the release.

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