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Re: Updated translations for gnome-packagekit in F-11 GA?

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 8:20 AM, Ville-Pekka Vainio
<vpivaini cs helsinki fi> wrote:
> As gnome-packagekit is the default graphical update tool on the GNOME
> desktop, would it be possible to get a package with updated translations
> to Fedora 11 GA version? There were quite a lot of changes during the
> F-11 cycle, including the new update viewer, and because gpk isn't a
> Fedora sub-project, it didn't go through the string and translation
> freezes we have in the Fedora L10n project. It would be nice to have as
> complete translations as possible in the released version of F-11.

Well, as you might know we're using a development stream for F11,
2.27.1. This is not translation or ABI stable, but once F12 is
released we can be in a state where we follow the normal GNOME release
schedule and release freezes. This obviously works well for Fedora. I
know using 2-27 in F11 GA isn't ideal, but we needed to do the
transition from PK release schedule and numbering to GNOME release
schedule and numbering, and this happened too late for F10.

As a compromise, I was intending to backport 2.27.2 into F11
updates-testing as a pretty much zero day update. This means we get
the new translations and also the fixed bugs, but also the new code
gets some testing.


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