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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

Casey Dahlin wrote:
Michael Nielsen wrote:

Write feature proposals. If you don't want to then implement them, pawn them off to someone else.

Maybe we have this problem because out of all the people screaming about the end times, not one of them can't think of something better to do with their time than fix it.


I have spent months and years, trying to determine where I need to go to get some attention to the issues, and perhaps som influence on the issues that I'm pointing to here, however, I have not been able to locate anywhere, or anyone that is even remotely interested in gaining some sort of structure on the system.

The only path forward, as I can see is to create one's own distribution, which seems like a major over kill.

Currently, I'm left frustrating, as from my point of view, the best Fedora/Redhat distributions, seems to have been around Redhat 8, where the system was relatively clean - though not as clean as I'd like.

So tell me where does one go to solve the issues that I've pointed out ?

Feature proposals ? I'm not proposing features, I'm proposing that Linux, re-integrates itself, so that it stops forking every where, currently there is no less than 3-4 implementations of network management, none of which are compatible with one-another, and only one (the original), work in all cases.

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