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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

drago01 wrote:
On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Michael Nielsen
<mike thetroubleshooters dk> wrote:

3. Mounts are also embedded into the user interface, rather than in the unix
mount system, which means that the shares are not accessible for non-gui
programs, for instance, I like to script most thing I do often, however,
there is no way for scripts to get a hold of a drive that is mounted through
the gui mount system (kde and gnome).

This is not true, in case of gnome you can access everything mounted
by nautilus / gvfs by accessing ~/.gvfs works with ANY app.

I was not aware of this, as it is not obvious, and poorly documented - I have searched for info on
this, however I have noticed the mounts, when running the mount command, however it is not
clear if the names remain consistent.

And why make the mounts hidden ?  ( leading . hides the directory), seems highly illogical approach.

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