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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

Conrad Meyer wrote:
>From this rant it seems like your operating system of choice ought to be Slackware, not Fedora. I'm sure you'll find it much more to your liking (crummy-to-no package management, out of date software, etc).


Possibly I have not explained what I'm trying to do here, I'm not blindly complaining, if it was that I'm just unhappy with Fedora, et. al., I'd build the system from source myself,
I've done that before, and can do it again.

However, due to some of the issues I've pointed out, I've started not using the package manager for the main components for the development work I do, because of the problem of not being able to use the package manager to maintain multiple versions of an application on a system - something that could be implemented almost trivially, by restructuring
the way packages are installed.

I was trying to bring some constructive critism, and to start a debate, there are things that I've noticed are problems, and I wanted to bring to the attention to people, as they
are perceived by many as reasons for NOT using Linux.

I could just ignore it and go about my business, much easier to do, but I'd like to see Linux thrive. Personally I like Fedora, but I don't like the way it is moving as an entity - IMO downhill since Redhat 8 (as server, and configurability), though Fedora 8 (as a desktop) was quite nice. Fedora 10 is highly unstable, I have no less than 3 systems, that comes with serious
problems under Fedora 10, but works brilliantly with Fedora 8.

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