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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

Seth Vidal wrote:

but this isn't about the distro's long term development.

It's a rant, a screed. It's a tirade. It's going to render zero positive results.

how do I know this? B/c I can, in fact, see into the near future.

Here's what I see - a 30-40 msg thread that has no signal and all noise.

I'm not going to bother with the rest of this thread.

I'm speaking here not as an employee at red hat but as an elected member of the fedora board.

"This thread will bear no good results and I'm tired of everything being full of bile and vitriol"

I won't be running for the fedora board in the next round of elections. You can run, Ralf. I hope you have great success tilting at windmills.


So in other words, I've noticed some problems that are creeping in, but I should shut up and not
bring them to the attention of people developing the system.

I do not rant, I point out problems, I describe them, though not in the detail they probably deserve, I work in the field, trying to promote Linux to the corporate users, and desktop people, and I work
with the system daily.

All the problems I have described are things that I run into daily, I have developed a strategy for working around the problems, and thus they do not present any problems for me, however, users without a deeper understanding of UNIX and Linux, might not be able to work around the

Therefore I am arguing that Linux is destroying it self. RedHat 8 had a really configurable interface, this has been slowly degraded. Fedora 8 was stable, and worked well, 9 - well sorry - never had so many problems with a linux distribution before, and 10 is not an improvement, I have 3 systems i've downgraded to Fedora 8, because fedora 10 is so unstable on these - the hardware is ok, runs everything other than Fedora 10.

However, if my feedback is uninteresting, I'll leave the mailing list, and just ignore the problems.

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