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Re: [REPOST!] Split out e2fsprogs sublibraries

Hi Richard,

> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=225406#c7
> I would like to propose that e2fsprogs generate four subpackages for
> the independent libraries that it contains.  These four libraries are
> used by other packages that don't need the whole of e2fsprogs-devel
> (eg. krb5_workstation uses libss, qpid uses libuuid, and many programs
> use libcom_err).

Great idea, there has been some confusion in the past over uuid
package vs libuuid in e2fsprogs

> Our specific use case is to help with ongoing work porting libraries
> to MinGW (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/MinGW) where we would prefer
> to package mingw32-libuuid for mingw32-qpidc without needing to port
> the whole of e2fsprogs.
> I looked at Debian's package, and would like to propose a split along
> the same lines:
>  http://packages.debian.org/source/lenny/e2fsprogs
> Despite the apparent complexity, there are only really four
> subpackages.  For the Fedora package we would create:
>  libblkid      libblkid-devel
>  libcom_err    libcom_err-devel       [note 1]
>  libss         libss-devel
>  libuuid       libuuid-devel
> There are no conflicting package names in Fedora at the moment, except
> for the similarly named libss7 (a library implementing Signalling
> System 7 telephone switching protocol).

There is also the similarly named uuid which has caused some confusion
in the past.

> I have attached a patch against Rawhide which does the above split.  I
> set up the dependencies so there should be no loss of functionality
> for users who install just e2fsprogs or e2fsprogs-devel.
> What remains is to advertize the split on fedora-devel-list and
> encourage package maintainers to replace:
>  BuildRequires: e2fsprogs-devel
> with
>  BuildRequires: lib<uuid|ss|blkid|com_err>-devel
> where appropriate.

I have a number of packages that depend on libuuid which will need to
be updated.

With the auto provides in most rpms I don't think they should need a
rebuild straight up as they depend on libuuid.so.1 as opposed to a
specific package name but only going forward so in the short term
there shouldn't be breakages?


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