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Re: Fedora (Linux) is Destroying it self

Michael Nielsen wrote:
> Windows have seperated parts of the applications into specific
> directories, is a good idea, however, in Windows everything that is
> shared, is thrown into system32, and therefore removing an installation
> of a problem is nearly impossible, because there is Junk spread throughout
> the system, relating to a particular application, one of the causes for
> problems with windows.

But it is irrelevant in Fedora because RPM doesn't leave junk around, it
knows exactly what package installed any given file, and there can't be
DLLs owned by more than one package (the source of DLL Hell on Window$ and
part of why there remains junk left in system32), instead, shared libraries
are packaged separately and dragged in as dependencies (the right way).

> Thus if you need to run a non-packaged software, due to patches that you
> need (security)

That's a lame excuse. Security updates get pushed as quickly as possible,
just use the packaged security update.

Of course this assumes you aren't using an obsolete, no longer updated
distribution. Time to upgrade!

> you can only hope that the package manager successfully removes
> everything, and does not leave junk behind which may, or may not affect
> the running of the newer compilation.

The package manager doesn't and shouldn't touch unpackaged programs. Don't
use unpackaged programs if you don't want to lose the advantages of package

        Kevin Kofler

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