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Re: What is the best way to store information cross desktop

Kushal Das wrote:
> If one application (with GUI) wants to store informations (like
> username, password, some other texts) cross desktop, what is the best
> way to achieve that?
> A Gnome application can use gconf/gnome keyring or a KDE application
> can use KWallet, but those two are totally desktop specific. I know
> people who use Gnome don't want to run KWallet or a KDE user will not
> like to use any gnome way to store information.
> I am working on Python (PyKDE4) based Wordpress blog client and I want
> it to run properly on any desktop.

As your app is PyKDE4, just use KWallet.

There's no really desktop-independent way, as in something which would use
gnome-keyring on GNOME and KWallet on KDE. There are some solutions which
reinvent the wheel by adding yet another password store, but those don't
improve the situation, they make it worse, because now instead of having 2
password stores, you have 3 or more!

        Kevin Kofler

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