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Re: OpenOffice 3.1

On Tue, 2009-05-12 at 17:23 +0200, Matej Cepl wrote:
> On 2009-05-12, 10:09 GMT, Gilboa Davara wrote:
> > and RHEL 5.3 would have been left with Firefox 1.5 instead of 
> > Firefox 3.0.
> Please, keep RHEL out of this discussioni ... there are another 
> reasons (mainly customers breaking-in our doors with RFE) for 
> doing things we do, which are not applicable to Fedora.
> Matěj

It wasn't my intention to implicate RHEL in any way.
My point being that a "stable release policy" != "stagnant release
policy". If the maintainer feels that a new version fixes major
deficiencies in the existing version (beyond a simple bug fix) he should
be allowed to push a major upgrade (given sufficient testing) even if it
risk breaking existing installations.

... And if you don't trust your maintainers to make such a decision -
why the hell have you given them the right to package the software to
begin with?

- Gilboa 

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