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Re: What is the best way to store information cross desktop

> For configuration frameworks, I noticed quite a lot of apps have started
> storing configuration data in ~/.config lately, including - on my system
> at least - akonadi, totem and gnome-session. But I don't know if that's
> something that's actually the focus of an official standardization
> effort anywhere, or if it's anything more than just a 'standard' place
> to throw freeform configuration files, or what its relationship is to
> uniconf / elektra...

That's a XDG spec from fd.o

The goal is to separate application « config » and « data ».

The former goes in .config/ while the latter goes in .local/share/

This way, instead of having a bunch of « .app » in your home folder,
you would have only 2. Also, you can often want to backup your
application data (say, emails for evolution) but don't care about the
configuration (think about deprecated configurations that might have
bad results on a newer version of the application). This allows you to
do so (but you can still chose to keep both).

That's it basically. More information on the spec:


Mathieu Bridon (bochecha)

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