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Re: SPARC Status (Was Re: Secondary Architecture Status?)

Ralf Corsepius wrote:
It likely is something worth looking into, but based on my experiences with Fedora on my netbook, I am having doubts compiler optimizations alone are worth a "secondary arch".

At least on my netbook, neither "speed" or "space" (mine has a disk) are actual problems.

Is for me! :-) But I don't think -Os is the solution; the problems tend to be long dep-chains and data (and especially, the intersection of both*). data tends to be much larger than code. Better would be more breaking up of huge packages (e.g. KDE) especially where it can reduce dependencies, or even conflicting package builds to provide different sets of optional features.

(* As a concrete example, I finally gave up on having kcalc installed, which allowed me to pull out foomatic. That was quite some space in that dep-chain. As another example, why does system-config-date require xulrunner? Something in F10 updates changed there and wanted to pull in quite some dependencies until I tracked down and nuked s-c-d as the responsible package.)

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